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Gourmet SOUS-VIDE is a tub (in ABS or stainless steel) that allows for the perfect cooking of vacuum packaged foods. The stainless steel grill at the bottom of the appliance repairs the heating resistance from the bag immersed in the water.

You will cook all kinds of food, meat, fish, even vegetables and fruit, all vacuum and at a constant temperature: the resistance on the bottom allows you to keep the Gourmet SOUS-VIDE water at a homogeneous temperature throughout the volume bath.

The true flavor of the foods will unveil to you without almost adding to the ingredients: a healthy and tasty cuisine at the same time.

All prices include V.A.T.

SOUS-VIDE Gourmet 10Lt
Dimensions 35cm x 31cm x 26cm h
Material Thermo-Resistant ABS plastic
Power 650 Watt