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The history of the company begins in 1950 through a store that "Georgios Karavatsis" founded on privately owned facilities in 50 sq.m. dealing with the marketing of agricultural machinery.

In 1960 the company "GEORGIOS KARAVATSIS & SONS TIGER" was created with privately owned facilities of 150 sq.m. in the city of Giannitsa and deals with spraying and marketing of agricultural machinery.

In 1974 the company was made over to "GEORGIOS KARAVATSIS & YIOS OE" obliged to move into a larger new facilities 5.000 sq.m. and a covered area of ​​1000 m² because of the previous short limited location.

In 1978, in co-operation with the Italian
company "GIUNTI spa" it started the construction of spraying machines, and for the first time in Greece, self-propelled spraying complexes (reels) parallel to the construction of the sprayers.

In 1985, taking advantage of their great sales, the company got up-sized and was re-established as the "KARAVATSIS G. PANAGIOTIS SA" - "TIGER-PLAST s.a.". It was engaged in constructing polyethylene tanks with the rotational molding method suitable for the storage and transport of water, petrol, oil, wine, milk, chemicals and all liquids in general. The production capacity was just 24 tanks per day and volume up to 2,500Lt.

Today, after years of continuous investments of both mechanical and building facilities, the company operates in a 30,000 sq.m. and a covered space of 8,000 sq.m. with the most modern mechanical equipment and the ability to produce 300 tanks per day and a volume of 15.000 Lt.


Our unrivalled professionalism, which derives from our long-working experience, allows us to construct tanks of high standard of quality in many shapes and sizes adapted to be in every place according to the needs of the consumer.

By long working experience, the expert staff, the high standards oe technology and you get the high quality and the reliability of our products, facing the challenge of the European market.

Having aimed high consistency and punctuality since1950 our company continues being developed distinctly ensuring the best quality as a model.