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1950 founding of the company by George Karavatsi concerning the marketing of agricultural machinery in a shop just 50 m2.

1960 conversion of the company into "KARAVATSIS GEORGE & SONS "TIGER"" and install new facilities owned 150sqm and manufacturing sprayers and fuel station.

1974 conversion of the company into "KARAVATSIS GEORGE & SON " and new facilities owned a plot of 5,000 m2 and covered area 1000 m2.

1978 along with the construction of spraying machinery manufactures for the first time in Greece self-propelled sprinklers complexes  in collaboration with Italian firm GIUNTI spa.

1985 Establishment of  "KARAVATSIS Panagiotis G. SA" "TIGER-PLAST SA" and deals with the production of polyethylene tanks with rotational moulding method suitable for the storage and transport of water, petrol, oil, wine, milk, chemical, and generally all of the liquids.

1991 Extension buildings and mechanical installations.

1997 Pause manufactures of sprayers and sprinklers from KARAVATSIS G. PANAGIOTIS & SONS and change in commercial activity with the creation of department stores.

1998 New Building and mechanical installations from KARAVATSIS G. PANAGIOTIS S.A. and manufacture of new products such as  pots, plastic highway barriers, garbage Pail.

2005 KARAVATSIS G.PANAGIOTIS & SONS enlarging the product range deals with import and distribution through out Greece winemaking machinery.