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ENOLMASTER Vacuum Filling Machine For Spirits 2 Bottles TENCO srl


Code: 900-0400-392

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Professional 2 Heads Vacuum Filling Machine

Enolmaster is a professional semi-automatic filling machine. Due to its size and stainless steel frame, it is the perfect machine for edible oil producers, cellars, wine-producers, and distilleries. Fills up to four bottles at once in just a matter of seconds.

Enolmaster operates according to the same principles as Enolmatic. It uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank into the bottles. You can adjust the maximum fill-level, which will stay fixed throughout the fill process once set. The tank from which the liquid is drawn can be placed up to 4 meters below the filling machine.

Main features:
Fills up to 350 bottles per hour.
No-drip system.
Frame and filling nozzles in stainless steel material.

The following kits and accessories are available to enhance to functionality of the bottling machine:
Pyrex glass recovery vessel: for products with an alcohol percentage above 20%.
Pyrex filter holder: for products with an alcohol percentage above 20%.
Stainless steel spouts for miniature bottles.
Spouts for bottles with a big mouth.
Stainless steel and synthetic fiber filter systems.
Manifold with 2 or 4 spouts.
Possibility to customize manifold with diverse spouts.

Reliable and hygienic.
When the bottle is inserted under the spout, the pump creates a vacuum, drawing the liquid from the container. Then the liquid is sucked without without going through the mechanical parts of the machine and poured into the bottle.

Up to 350 bottles/hour.
Once the filling level is fixed, the Enolmaster fills up to 350 bottles per hour.

Simple and practical.
Enolmaster simple to use and easy to clean.

Availability of accessories.
• Pyrex recovery vessel: for products with alcohol above 20%.
• Tandem filter housing in pyrex: for products with alcohol over 20%.
• Manifold with with 2 or 4 spouts.
• Possibility to create custom manifold with mixed spouts.

All prices include V.A.T.