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Dryer fruit-vegetable REBER-ARTUS

Special Price 90.00 €


ARTUS enables anyone to simply and economically preserve fruit, vegetables and mushrooms in the comfort of their own home.

The fan has an adjustable electronic system heating with thermostat from +35 Cº up to +70 Cº, allowing direct control of energy consumption which however remains low even at the maximum setting, and drying time setting.

What is drying?
Drying is a natural method for preserving foodstuffs based on elimination of the products’ water content. A dried product remains in its unaltered state for a long time, maintaining its organoleptic properties and characteristics intact, perfect for long-term preservation.

How does a ARTUS dryer work?
REBER machines allow fast safe drying thanks to the continuous warm air that flows through the different units and all around the baskets full of sliced food.

All prices include V.A.T.

Measurements Φ32
Maximum power consumption 260 Watt
Drying baskets 5 Plastics